Procurves Cream, breast enhancement cream

Natural breast enhancement cream

Procurves Cream is a natural breast enhancement cream to increase the size and volume of the breast. The composition of Procurves Cream has been designed to enable increase, in the size of the breasts and improve the aesthetic appearance of women.
Benefit of Procurves Cream:

Enhance women’s breast
Increase breast size
Moisturize and improve breast appearance

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What is Procurves Cream?

Procurves Cream is one of the best methods in natural creams to increase female breast. It contains a blend of natural ingredients, most specifically designed to enhance women’s beauty getting a firmer, smoother and larger breast.


  • Product: Procurves Cream
  • Indication: Breast enhancement cream with natural ingredients
  • Properties: Firming and stimulant cream
  • Treatment type: Cream
  • Ingredients:CellActive®-FORM, Homeostatine™, Hyaluronic acid, Oat extract
  • Format: 100ml.
  • Duration: 1 month /tube
  • Use: (1 application / day), external use only

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How does Procurves Cream increase breast?

During puberty the women’s body goes through vital changes and starts to produce estrogens naturally. These estrogens will be responsible for many things, one of them being the development of the breasts’ tissues. The pituitary gland is in charge of producing these hormones, while at the same time it determines both the form and size of the breast. In cases of unbalanced hormonal levels, these effects can negatively affect the growth and development of breasts.

The Procurves Cream contains plant extracts that are completely natural and specifically designed to stimulate women’s breasts and enhance its growth. This action is similar to the one experienced during puberty. When women stop their puberty cycle their body stops producing the majority of hormones used to stimulate breast growth (such as estrogen). This is how the growth of your breasts ends. But thanks to the exclusive Procurves Cream formula it is possible to stimulate the growth of your fine breasts tissues in a completely safe and effective way. As a result, you’ll be left with a pair of firmer and better looking breasts.

Moreover, the use of Procurves Cream helps provide a balanced and improved regulation of hormones. This notably contributes to the total wellbeing of each woman and all possible thanks to the extraordinary Procurves Cream formula. Procurves Cream ingredients are 100% natural and safe, having been monitored and controlled from the direct collection of the plants to their distribution and commercialization.

Firmer breasts and voluminous
Reactivation of blood flow
More hydrated and elasticity of the tissues

Results by months

Procurves Cream ensures lasting and effective results. In this section we provide all the information based on monthly results you will obtain with Procurves Cream breast enhancement cream. Click the tabs and find out!

1 month Treatment
  • The ingredients start to act in the body
  • First effects in the breast
  • Initial stage of the of the development of tissues
2 months Treatment
  • Larger and firmer breast
  • Initial stage of breast enlargement
  • Development of breast tissues
3 months Treatment
  • Larger and firmer breast
  • Further development of mammary glands
  • Increase in elasticity and hydration in the area
5 months Treatment
  • Larger breasts
  • Firmness and remarkable density
  • Stronger tissues

Combination of: U-breast + Procurves Plus + Procurves Cream

  • You’ll get faster results
  • Notable breast increase in less time
  • Strengthening entire pectoral area
  • Fast development of mammary glands

Procurves Cream herbal ingredients

Procurves Cream ensures lasting and effective results, thanks to its herbal ingredients with plant extracts for effective results. In addition, no side effects.

Ingredientes naturales
100% natural ingredients
Recommended by medical specialists
Product registered in the EU
No side effects

Naturlig förening som stimulerar ackumulering av lipider i kvinnornas bröstkorg. A herbal complex that activates lipid accumulation in the female chest area and improves the elasticity and resistance of the skin in the area to prevent it from falling. It is composed of mangosteen, quince-hydrogel (extract of quince seeds) and Cell Boost (an active factor of algae and white lupine).

A herbal complex that activates lipid accumulation in the female chest area and improves the elasticity and resistance of the skin in the area to prevent it from falling. It is composed of mangosteen, quince-hydrogel (extract of quince seeds) and Cell Boost (an active factor of algae and white lupine.

Is an active anti-aging cell and, in this case, maintains the structure of the chest so that it does not lose firmness.

Contains lignans (phytoestrogens) which work as the estrogenic female hormone 17β-estradiol. Phytoestrogens engage the breast growth, improve bone health and relieve the symptoms of menopause.

Papaya extract acts as a tonic to clean and refresh the skin, this makes the rest of components absorb into the skin much better.

Is a pure active indicator to moisturize dry, cracked and rough skin areas, and promote cellular regeneration of the skin.

Fat-soluble nutrient with antioxidant power to prevent premature aging of the skin and protect cells from free radicals.

The extract of this plant acts as a refreshing and soothing ingredient to give the skin around the chest area greater softness and protection against irritations.

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Procurves Cream x5

Procurves Cream 5 meses

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Procurves Plus

Procurves Plus is a breast enlargement pills to increase breast size naturally with permanent result. Its herbal ingredients act directly, promoting the development of breast tissue and the reactivation of the mammary glands through nutrients, lipids and phytoestrogens.

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